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Convenient recording
Complete with a large LCD display and front controls, the ICD-BX140 is easy to use while capably capturing moments as they occur.

•Built-in 4 GB flash memory1
4 GB of available internal flash memory provides ample space for recording life’s important moments-up to 4,175 hours in fact.1

•Mono Microphone
Capture thoughts, dictations and other details with great clarity via the built-in microphone. Via an external microphone (sold separately). stereo recordings can also be made when necessary.

•Automatic Record level
The recorder automatically adjusts recording levels for optimum results.

•Noise Cut
Noise Cut reduces ambient noise during recording for clearer speech playback.

•Low Cut
When activated, the Low Cut filter helps reduce the effect of wind noise in your recordings.

•Digital Pitch Control
Digital Pitch Control enables the recording to be played at a faster or slower rate without changing the recording’s pitch.

•Alarm Playback
Set a future date and time and the recording will automatically be played.

•Easy Search
Rewinds or fast forwards in short increments making it easier to locate a segment in a long recording for review.

Did you forget a thought or mis-speak? With Add/Overwrite capability, adding to or overwriting recordings during playback is quick and easy.

•Battery Operated
Two AAA batteries (supplied) will deliver up to 30 hours of recording time so you will never miss a beat.2