Roanoke Upholstered Dining Chair

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This beautiful upholstered dining chair set is made of high-quality, bonded leather that is coated with a robust, PU coating in order to protect the chairs from dirt and stains as well as making them water-resistant and overall, more durable. The chairs feature a foam-padded seat for a highly comfortable sitting experience. The chair legs are made of hardwood with a bright finish and are fitted with protective bolts to protect floors from scratches and damage. These chairs are very low-maintenance and are designed for daily use making them the ideal addition to any restaurant, club and of course, any home. Each chair was individually handcrafted using traditional techniques for optimum quality. The products are conveniently flat-packed and can be easily assembled in just a few short steps. These chairs have a stylish, crossover-effect and are suitable for use in any living- or dining room.

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Roanoke Upholstered Dining Chair

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