MCG Pavers & Retaining Walls

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MCG Pavers & Retaining Walls is a local business which began in 2004 in Wodonga, Victoria.Over the years we have built a solid reputation throughout the region by producing a quality product on site.We pride ourselves on using local suppliers and excellent customer service to both individuals and businesses.MCG Pavers & Retaining Walls will assist you to make your outdoor area an exceptional space.Concrete sleepers are designed to last and are free from problems of white ants and wood rot. We welcome all enquiries, please call us on the number above or email us for a quote.
Company Address:    12 Kane Road, Wodonga, Victoria 3690
City:     Melbourne
State/Suburb:    Victoria
Country:    Australia
Postcode:    3690
Phone no:    (02) 6056 1253

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MCG Pavers & Retaining Walls

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